Manor Mead School

About FOMM

Fund-raising and social events are organised throughout the year by the Friends of Manor Mead, a Registered Charity (number 1044171). The Friends of Manor Mead is run by a Committee which is elected every year. All parents automatically become members of ‘The Friends’.
You can donate directly via our Just Giving website by clicking here.

The funds raised by the Friends are used:

As well as raising funds for the School, parents have an opportunity to meet through events organised by the Friends, such as the annual Family Picnic. School Newsletters to parents provide information about activities and forthcoming events. The Chairman or the Secretary can be contacted through the school.


London Marathon 2014

Georgina Meredith ran the London Marathon this year in support of FOMM and raised a fantastic amount of money for the school.Thank you Georgina!


Autumn Bazaar

We had a very busy Autumn Bazaar this year: it was lovely to see many local people as well as families and people directly associated with the school. There were lots of fun activities for the children to do as well as stalls for the adults and lovely cakes and treats for all. Thank you to everyone who donated items such as toys, bric-a-brac, bottles and cakes as well as to everyone who came along to spend their money, which all helped to make this a very successful afternoon.

Shepperton Village Fair

The Wild West was the theme for this year's parade where pupils , parents and staff turned out as cowboys and cowgirls to support the school. As well as entering the parade, we had a stall at the fair selling a selection of lovely cakes. 



Recent Purchases for the School
The Friends of Manor Mead have just purchased a 'Soundfield System' for 3 more classrooms. This expensive equipment is really beneficial to support children with mild or moderate hearing loss.
FOMM also purchased two large scooters and two tricycles for the children to use in the playground, and some new sensory toys to be used in the Sensory Room.