GSO Test

GSO Test

Recovery Premium Grant

The recovery premium grant is additional funding that the Government has made available to support pupils whose education has been impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19).

The funds are allocated to all schools on a ‘per pupil basis’ for all pupils in Reception through to year 11. 

Schools are free to spend the Coronavirus catch-up premium as appropriate based on the particular needs and the professional judgement of teachers and school leaders. However, schools are accountable for how they use the additional funding and are expected to evaluate and monitor the impact of different approaches (see DfE Guidance )

Main barriers to educational achievement faced by eligible pupils

The main barrier to educational achievement for all of the children at Manor Mead Virginia Water is their High Communication and Interaction needs.

Manor Mead Virginia Water opened to pupils on September 2021 and was not allocated catch-up premium for the 2021-2022 academic year

Amount received 

For the 2022-2023 academic year, Manor Mead Virginia Water was allocated £11,020.   

Summary of planned provision 2022-23

Additional teaching assistant hours - £11,020

High quality teaching - A teaching assistant will be employed full time to enable senior leaders, middle leaders and teaching staff to be released for additional curriculum and assessment development time focussed on developing high quality teaching and a curriculum which responds to the specific needs of our pupils.

How we will measure the impact of Coronavirus catch-up premium

We use a range of approaches to collect, collate and analyse data on pupil progress, both for ILP and more academic progress.  We will also use existing self-evaluation systems to measuring the impact of catch-up premium on the quality of teaching, assessment and curriculum through the School Development Plan (SDP) and SEF.