GSO Test

GSO Test


The Manor Mead School Virginia Water curriculum is:

Balanced; we offer a rich, vibrant, ambitious and challenging curriculum, tailored to best support the individual needs of the pupils and focussed on developing the essential knowledge, skills and understanding which are the building blocks for later life.  Our curriculum is based on the formal requirements of the National Curriculum but with a specific focus on supporting positive outcomes in the four key areas of Communication, Language and Literacy; Cognition; Physical and sensory health and development and social, emotional and mental health

Broad; covering a wide range of National Curriculum subjects, topics, therapeutic areas such as speech and language therapy and occupational therapy, activities, approaches and enriching experiences

Developmental; building on previous learning and preparing all pupils for the next stages in their education

Accessible; individualised and personal; adapted to meet the needs of our unique pupils

Flexible; fun, engaging and individual to fostering a love of learning 

Meaningful; relevant, stimulating and enriching; we particularly value educational off-site visits and special events to support our pupils to learn important life skills in their community. 

Our pupils have autism and associated needs and therefore have a range of different starting points. For some pupils, their autism has a significant impact on their ability to access learning and express themselves and may impact on their cognitive development and their long-term memory.

Therefore, at Manor Mead Virginia Water, we recognise the importance and value of providing an ambitious, challenging, tailored curriculum that emphasises communication, language and literacy; Cognition; Physical and sensory health and development and Personal, social, emotional and mental health and identifies the most important individual next steps in these areas. Our broad and balanced curriculum is organised within these key areas:




These four areas are key to the long-term success of our pupils as they prepare for the next stages in their education and life. All pupils have Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) which are set and reviewed twice a year.  Each ILP has specific targets in each of the four key areas, identifying the next steps and specific strategies required to ensure success.  Opportunities to focus on ILP targets are provided across the weekly timetabled curriculum within ‘subject specific’ lessons.

At Manor Mead Virginia Water, classes are organised broadly by their age so our classes typically accommodate pupils from two of the National Curriculum Year groups. Teaching approaches and curriculum content are adapted to most effectively, and appropriately meet the needs of the pupils in each class.

In order to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that will meet the need of individual pupils across the school, there is flexibility in terms of curriculum content and delivery. Teaching is adapted to ensure it is appropriate to the individual needs of the pupils. Various teaching styles and strategies are used to deliver the curriculum, supporting the range of learning styles in each class and ensuring our pupils are engaged and motivated to learn.

Willow Class (Reception and Year 1)                                                       

Maple class (Years 1-2)

Pine Class (Year 3-4)

Oak Class (Years 4-6)