GSO Test

GSO Test


We are always sorry to see out students leave us, but are proud of all they have achieved during their time at Walton Leigh and we wish them every success in their onward journeys. 

The information below shows where students have moved on to:

Summer 2020 - 6 students left 

  • Brooklands College - 4 students
  • Supported Living - 1 student
  • Haberdasher House - 1 student

Summer 2019 - 5 students left

  • Merrist Wood College - 2 students
  • Dramatize - 1 student
  • Supported Living - 2 students


Moving on  

We like to hear from families who have moved on from Walton Leigh.  Below is some news on how they are getting on: 



Lily left Walton Leigh School in July 2019 and has been keeping well. She turned 21 last September. I've attached a couple of photos of her birthday - with her brother James and sister Victoria. 

Lily is still living at home but she goes for respite at Kingscroft once a month for a long weekend. I also get support from Crossroads some weekends too.

Lily attends the Woodlands Centre, Merrist Wood College 4 days a week. It's a fantastic facility - and it feels like a similar approach and facility to Walton Leigh. They offer Lily physio in her standing frame every day - but unfortunately they don't have access to a swimming pool (which Lily misses)

A huge positive about the College is that Lily's days are structured and varied, with physio and sensory.

The slight negative is that they close for 2 months for the summer holidays, plus half terms, Easter and Christmas - but I normally book day centres during these times.

On Lily's day off from College, she attends Dramatize. As soon as Lily arrives, she is welcomed by very positive, energetic and happy staff.

A huge positive about Dramatize is that they often go out in the minibus or have music activities which Lily loves. Another huge bonus is that they are open 52 weeks per year!

The slight negative is that their Clubhouse is quite small for wheelchairs and therefore they are unable to offer any physio.

During the school holidays I employ a PA once a week and Lily attends Rendezvous, White Lodge 2 days per week. Rendezvous has a wonderful open space. They have a swimming pool there - but unfortunately Lily hasn't used the pool yet due to lack of spaces and funding. Her days are fairly quiet when she goes there as they don't seem to have much structure or many organised activities - but as she only goes there during the holidays it's not so important and Lily is happy to have a lazy day.

When Lily leaves college and she moves onto day centres, I will probably try to send her to Dramatize 3 days a week plus Rendezvous 2 days a week on the condition that Rendezvous offer more structure to her day (to include physio and possibly swimming)


Best Wishes

Deanna, Lily's mum




Molly is now age 25.  After graduation Molly attended Merrist Wood College and from there went to Dramatize day service five days per week in their Adult Day service Pathway One. This is funded by LA. 

She lives at home with Mum and Dad and doesn’t attend any respite but from time to time we use Personal Assistants-to take her out and about. 

This year she has been at home due to Covid but is due to do a staggered return from next week.




Curtis is in his second year at Merrist Wood college; he settled in very well indeed, and he seems very happy there. He is learning lots of new things, and the tutors and other staff are very caring and supportive of Curtis; they are excellent at supporting family too when we've needed it. Transport has also been great.  

The photo is a portrait he did of himself at Dramatize, where he goes once a week. It is a theatre group for special needs adults age 18 to 25; a year after joining Dramatize he was in his first show in Egham, and he remembered all his lines. They do lots of music there, and the staff are all amazing too. He loves attending Dramatize.  

Curtis also goes to Tardis youth group at White Lodge twice a month from 4pm to 8pm. They do swimming, Film Nights, Pizza, shopping, cooking, crafts, music and other activities.