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GSO Test

Primary PE & Sport Premium

The PE and sport premium is designed to help primary schools improve the quality of the PE and sport activities they offer their pupils.

Amount received

For the 2021-22 academic year, Manor Mead School has been allocated £16,685, which will be used across the Shepperton and Virginia Water sites.   We have carried forward £11,214 from last year as some of the activities planned for did not take place because of COVID.

Summary of planned provision at Shepperton

Rebound Therapy - £445

To provide specialist Professional Development, equipment and equipment maintenance to enable teachers and support staff to deliver rebound therapy for children with the most complex physical needs. 

Rebounders - £3,995

Funds allow us to provide rebound equipment in the classroom to assist pupils with sensory regulation and to allow practitioners to deliver rebound therapy when the trampoline is not available. The allocation also provides teachers with training related to specific use of rebounders. 

Soft Equipment - £2,204

Funds will enable the purchase of ‘softer’ and age appropriate equipment for sessions of physical education in the hall. This will maximise access for children at the earlier stages of physical development and those in the EYFS and KS1s. 

Residential Trip - £1,828

Funding will allow us to broaden opportunities for a year 6 children to attend a residential overnight stay at an outdoor learning centre in Surrey. Here they will be able to participate in activities not available within the school setting  and  to spend a night with peers away from home before they move to secondary provision. 

Sensafloat Training - £112

Funding will enable teachers of children with more complex needs to receive training related to  specific equipment which will support  high need pupils during swimming sessions.

Specialist dance teacher - £8,600

Funding allows us to employ a specialist dance teacher who is able to deliver dance and music sessions across the school.  As well as developing physical skills this provision develops pupil confidence and self-esteem, encouraging group work and interaction with others. 

The impact of the school’s Sports Funding spend will be assessed annually and pupil progress demonstrated through case studies for individual pupils.

Manor Mead School:
Primary School Sport Funding 2020-2021

Money allocated for September 2020 - July 2021 | £16,684 of which £5,470 was spent

This money was used:

  • To employ an external dance teacher
  • To support rebound therapy training
  • To purchase equipment to enhance outdoor areas and classrooms to improve access to physical activity

Click here to see a case study which illustrates the direct outcomes of Sports Funding 2020-21.