GSO Test

GSO Test


Making every day count



  • Our schools are outstanding
  • Our learners are calm and confident and ALL reach their potential 
  • Our staff are exceptional and ALL feel valued and supported 
  • Our schools are well resourced, safe, enriching and stimulating environments 
  • Our schools have the knowledge, experience and confidence to influence local and national policy and strategy 
  • Our schools benefit from strong links and positive relationships with everyone in the school communities
  • Our vision is implemented by the whole school community, guided by skilled and focused leaders and facilitated by a secure financial position 

Everything we do, from our longer-term development strategy to day-to-day activities, is developed and evaluated against this vision.



Our values are our key central beliefs; we expect them to be upheld and promoted by every member of our school communities to support a culture for growth, creativity, expression and learning:

Responsibility         Friendship

Happiness         Honesty

Care         Respect

Love         Confidence

Cooperation         Belonging

Thoughtfulness         Patience



Values September 2023 - July 2024 



Sept 1st  to Oct 20th


Appreciate, Value, Admire

Oct 30th to Dec 15th


Adore, Devotion, Affection

Jan 2nd to Feb 9th


Pleasure, Joy, Delight

Feb 19th to Mar 28th


Fitting In, Being In The Right Place,

Feeling Right

Apr 15th to May 24th


Partnership, Bond, Relationship

June 3rd to July 23rd


Considerate, Kind, Gentle