GSO Test

GSO Test

Mission Statement

As a centre of excellence we will:

  • Engage the whole learning community
  • Provide an enriching, nurturing and safe environment with personalised and challenging learning opportunities
  • Inspire all learners to be resilient and confident for life



Everyone in our learning community will be supported to achieve, contribute and live life to the full.



We believe in:

  • creating a stimulating, secure educational environment in which children are seen as valued individuals and their needs identified and met.
  • having a challenging, broad and balanced curriculum that develops and enriches each child’s learning and understanding.
  • developing the expertise of all involved adults to the maximum benefit of the school.
  • enabling our children to achieve the skills necessary to be as independent as possible within family and community life
  • working collaboratively with others to the benefit of all children with Special Educational Needs.

Values September 2019 - July 2020 



Sept 5th to Oct 25th


Appreciate, Value, Admire

Nov 4th to Dec 20th


Adore, Devotion, Affection

Jan 6th to Feb 14th


Pleasure, Joy, Delight

Feb 24th to Apr 3rd


Fitting in, Being in the right place, Feeling right

Apr 20th to May 22nd


Partnership, Bond, Relationship

June 1st to July 22nd


Considerate, Kind, Gentle